pyfootball is a client library for written in Python.

This library was written to allow for easier access to football-data’s resources by abstracting HTTP requests and representing the JSON responses as Python classes.


pyfootball does not rate limit methods that send HTTP requests to football-data’s endpoints. You are responsible for adhering to the 50-requests-per-minute rule — you risk having your API key revoked and/or your IP banned if you don’t!


  • A valid API key for football-data. You can request for one here.
  • Python 3.5+
  • The requests library. pip should handle this for you when installing pyfootball.


Installation is easy using pip:

$ pip install pyfootball

Example Usage

>>> import pyfootball
>>> f = pyfootball.Football(api_key='your_api_key')
>>> bayern = f.get_team(5)
>>> bayern.market_value
582,225,000 €


The project is licensed under the MIT license.